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Natalie Cubric

Project Management Organizer

Hello, I’m the new member of the team and I can hardly wait finding out about the MOUNTAINBIKE TESTIVAL for myself. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I am always happy to help you and I am looking forward to new impressions and exciting adventures.

Vera Profanter

Project Management Brixen

Hoi! I am Vera, project manager for Brixen and have been part of the Testival family for 10 years. I am a passionate mountain biker, always on the road on behalf of mountain bikers, in contact with politicians, landowners, local residents and a lot more. The Testival is my heart project as well as the cooperation with all the people on the trails.

Kirsten Brodersen


Hey, I am Kirsten, Head of Marketing for the Sports division at Motor Presse Stuttgart. I am your contact person when it comes to sponsorship opportunities for the MOUNTAINBIKE TESTIVAL. The MOUNTANBIKE TESTIVAL is one of my favourites and as an enthusiastic mountain biker I am always looking forward to feel the region, the trails, our partners and the Dolce Vita in Brixen. You simply have to experience this place for yourself.


Mountainbike Youngsters

Hi, I am Jessi, trainee in the events department Motor Presse Stuttgart and have been part of the MOUNTAINBIKE TESTIVAL Team since 2022. I am your contact person for everything to do with MOUNTAINBIKE YOUNGSTERS. The planning of the area is my concern as I am always thrilled to see how the youngest MOUNTAINBIKE fans begin to discover their great passion here.

andré schmidt

Editorial Director MOUNTAINBIKE

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